Dubia, by far the best

 Father daughter team that spent many years breeding and creating some of the best red and orange morph Bearded Dragons. We also tried our hand at geckos but dragons are our favorite.  We Started breeding Dubia on a large scale back in 2014 and sold at local reptile expos, pets stores and on Ebay 2020 is our first year with our own website and hope to serve you as we have done the many clients on other online platforms. We have some of the best Dubia Roaches For Sale At great prices.


Fun Facts dubia roaches for sale

Adult Male Dubia

They have more protein and calcium than most other common species. They also have 1/3 rd amount of chitin compared to smooth, vertical surfaces, since they do not have a developed

As with most insects, Dubia roaches are egg layers. However, the female roaches pull their egg pouches inside of their bodies, where they remain until the eggs hatch. So in a sense are both egg layers and live bearers. Or, in technical terms, they are ovoviviparous.

Adult Female Dubia

Dubia roaches can be kept in just about any kind of housing, provided it offers adequate space and ventilation. Choose between an aquarium, large kritter keeper, breeder box, or storage tub with large holes drilled in the top, and make sure to cover the container with a secure screen or mesh to prevent escape.

 Vertically stacked egg crates are a popular habitat addition as they’re easy to replace for quick clean-up, and the layers and texture provide room to roam and climb, as well as nooks and crannies to hide in. 

The habitat should be kept clean and dry with good airflow to prevent mold and bacteria growth, which will kill the roaches. However, dubia roaches are originally from the tropics and require some consistent moisture. If you live in a dry climate with low humidity, you’ll need to lightly mist the cage daily. If you live in a more humid environment, just mist the cage when the humidity level drops below 35-40 during the dry season. Dubia roaches need humidity to be able to molt, which they do about seven times throughout their lifetime.

Nymph Dubia

Dubia cockroaches known as orange spotted roach & bred for sale within the pet industry. They originate from South America and Argentina for sale within pet industry. Male roach have large wings and smaller end segment on abdomen. On the other hand female roach has vestigial wings a large segment. This difference also visible in nymph stage.

From a hatching to adult a roach takes up to 6 month in favorable conditions to become fully grown. These are slow growing species among common cockroaches species.

A female roach can give birth 20-30 live miniature roach per month. They are one of the few insects that do not lay eggs and instead are born through the ootheca, which is placed in a special breed bag within the female until they are ready to hatch.


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